The Granary Trees – mid-October, 2020

We often saw woodpeckers pecking hard on several old trees here in our Lincoln Hills community. As many as half-dozen birds at a time were busy, and we thought they were drilling for bugs in that old wood. But the quantity of birds and the amount of drilling, we began to doubt that – there couldn’t be that many bugs.

This week, we arrived at the trees with a long telephoto lens and didn’t have to wait long. During many minutes of photos and videos, we photographed birds flying off to gather acorns from the many oaks we have, then hammering acorns into holes, other birds drilling more “shelves” for the pantry, and still others removing acorns and flying off to another tree, maybe trying to more evenly distribute the stores.

Of course, the birds are called Acorn Woodpeckers (Melanerpes formicivorus).

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