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Nature:  One of my favorite photographic subjects long ago while living in Rochester, NY was native orchids.  They could be found in the nearby swamps and bogs and in certain areas of Ontario Province. Here, in Northern California, I continue my orchid and wildflower photography.

People:  I enjoy street photography and am always searching for an opportunity to photograph somebody interesting.  During our working years, we traveled to many countries. I visited Japan about 150 times (mostly on business) and on some trips, there was some free time to play tourist. Other business travel included Australia, Taiwan, Europe, and China.

During our retirement travels, Dorothe and I never follow the tourist route but like to spend several days or even weeks in each city savoring the local culture. Because of Covid-19, our next international trips will need to be in mid- or late-2021 (as of February 23, 2021, we will have been vaccinated).

Genealogy Pages

In addition to photography, I've done many genealogy studies. The latest explore using genetic genealogy the linkage between Gumpert ancestors in Germany and those found in the USA. See the DNA studies of the Gumpert and Molleston ancestors.

Website for Dorothe Kress

I completed this website recently:    Dorothe Kress 

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